Moto G4/FTC Phone Case

Designer: Jonas Kolker

Jonas created the phone case to secure a Moto G4 phone to a robot made from VEX structural members.

Phone Case STL Download

Differential Housing

Designer: Dell Hallock

Dell created this diferential housing to accomodate Servo City bevel gears.

Differential STL Download

VEX Wheel Adapter

Designer: Dell Hallock

Dell created this adapter to hold a REV hex shaft to a drilled-out VEX wheel.

VEX Wheel Adapter STL Download

REV Expansion Hub Pinout Diagram

Designer: Coach Chiodo

To help the team keep track of wiring and aid the team's programmers, Coach created a simple REV Expansion Hub pinout diagram when he couldn't find one online.

Diagram PDF Download

Tournament Checklists

Designers: Mary Imperiale and Louisa Chiodo

In 2014, Mary read "The Checklist Manifesto" by Atul Gawande, and came up with the idea of using checklists before, during and after tournaments as a way of managing the fine details associated with packing tools/parts the night before a tournament, making sure everything was loaded on the bus before driving to a tournament, pre-match and post-match checklists, etc. Over the years, Louisa has refined Mary's checklists and has added others.

Zipped (7z) Download

Code for a Three-wheeled Holonomic Chassis

Designers: Matt Nappo and Zach Battleman

A few years back, the team saw a 3-wheeled robot at a competition. Unfortunately, that robot had significant mobility issues. So, we decided to see if we could build a better chassis. The math in the code is a bit tricky (it requires an understanding of polar coordinates), but Matt and Zach were able to make it work very well.

Code TXT Download

Code for a Four-wheeled Holonomic Chassis

Designers: Matt Nappo and Zach Battleman

Having cracked the code for Triangle Bot, Matt and Zach turned their attention to developing code for a four-wheeled version.

Code TXT Download

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