Outreach Blog Entry #3

Yeveen Shin

Introducing Ella and Rebecca

We would like to take a brief moment to introduce two of our most important team members and interns, Ella and Rebecca. Their contribution to the team greatly accelerated our progress, thus adding a crucial building block towards the team’s success. Furthermore, they proved that age and experience do not play the ultimate role in group works, or in life in general, because what really matters is one’s team effort, and it is up to one’s self to make the best effort out of it.

Ella Dundas is an eighth grader and has been part of this team for two years. She was also formerly on middle school robotics team. Ella showed impressive skills at building and modifying the robots, bringing her inventiveness into play. She is always there whenever she is most needed; her constant presence on the team makes her a most valuable member.

Rebecca Troy is in sixth grade and has been part of the team for the last two years. Her ability to think outside of the box unceasingly grants her with new ideas and creative solutions. For instance, her concept sketches kept us from losing the original vision and always being on the right path. Rebecca heightens team spirit and exemplifies gracious professionalism.

We can never show enough appreciation towards these young minds and it is our firm hope that they will take advantage of the robotics curriculum in place after they move up to highschool.

Outreach Blog Entry #2

Yeveen Shin

November 28th, 2018

Welcome back from Thanksgiving! The first trimester of this school year has been brought to a close, and we just came back after our short, but very sweet break. The students who have participated in the after-school engineering program have successfully learned to use various types of tools and to respect peer engineers. They also performed impressively at generating alternative strategies and solutions to challenging design problems.

These students have always exceeded expectations by their enthusiasm and aspirations. They have improved their teamwork skills, learned to listen to their teammates, and have brought up valuable discussions which have furthered our progress.

“The model we used this year was more effective since it was more user-friendly,” Mrs. Kadiyala explained. One of the things we did differently from last year was that the students built a LEGO Mindstorm robot instead of VEX IQ. We look forward for the students to continue their engineering experience now and in the future.

Outreach Blog Entry #1

Yeveen Shin

October 15th, 2018

The Masters School is an independent day and boarding school that allows for partnership between the middle and upper school. The Masters Robotics and Engineering program operates under the guidance of the School’s principles which means there are restrictions for community outreach. Given these restrictions, the team has decided to focus its outreach on students from our own middle school (grade five through eight). Our middle school outreach program has three main components:

1) this website which includes part files, code and other materials for download that were created/prepared by Team 14479;

2) a weekly Introduction to Robotics after-school program for students in our Middle School;

3) an internship program for middle school students whose background and skills are considered advanced for the Introduction to Robotics program.

Introduction to Robotics is an afterschool program, which takes place weekly in the Herrick Room, right next door to the Innovation and Engineering Center at The Masters School. Under Mrs. Kadiyala’s coordination, young and bright minds from the middle school explore a holistic range of the engineering process and develop their engineering skills and thinking. Activities included in the program are, but not limited to, learning the engineering design process, solving challenges, and coding.

Meanwhile, middle school students who are eligible for the Internship program participate in the Upper School Co-curricular which students need to participate in at least three days a week. These students do not only assist the upper school robotics team, but also generate concept sketches and build a prototype with other high school students. The interns are an integral part of the team. In this regard, the support from Internship students is significant and we are in the process of bringing additional interns in to the Upper School Co-curricular (if any meet the requirements) at the next trimester in November.

Any middle school student who applies to be an intern for the next trimester is required to participate in a training program. Criteria we look for from an intern include varying levels of engineering experience, application skills, and gracious professionalism. In this context, gracious professionalism means having a win-win attitude and behavior and respect to all in and out of the program. With gracious professionalism, the hope is for any member of the team to make a valued contribution to the team.

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